7 Reasons Why PPC is Vital to Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

The digital realm is getting much bigger, stronger, and more influential. To keep up with the ever-dynamic digital era, it has become a necessity for businesses of today to tap into the power of eCommerce marketing. 

Every online store, especially around Tenafly, New Jersey, aims to increase traffic and conversions. Traffic to your online store could be converted into paying customers, and these paying customers could be returning customers if the experience post-purchase is satisfactory. 

The success, of course, greatly depends on the ecommerce marketing strategy your New Jersey business has. There are a lot of marketing tactics, approaches, and eCommerce tools you can use; and it is undeniable that PPC (pay per click) marketing has a lot of compelling benefits. If you are looking for a type of advertising that won’t kill your budget but will produce excellent results, then the PPC marketing model is for you.

It’s one of the most effective and affordable ways to market your business in the digital realm, drive traffic, and increase conversions. Truth be told, it has now become a staple in internet marketing.

The PPC or pay per click marketing model is the most widely-used form of paid search marketing. From the term itself, the way it works is that the advertiser pays the search engine for every click on their ad. Its goal is to lead a person viewing the ad to visit the advertiser’s website or app, where that potential customer can make or complete a valuable action like buying a product. 

Just how crucial or important pay per click is to your eCommerce marketing strategy?

1. Pay per click helps you find new prospects and customers quickly.

Unlike starting up with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts, using pay per click marketing does not take a lot of time and attention to achieve a comfortable position and traffic. With just a little bit of optimization, PPC marketing will enable you to catch up with your competitors. 

This is because pay per click advertising helps you target people and potential customers who are not yet familiar with your business. This especially helps when targeting locally around New Jersey like Tenafly, Englewood, Maywood, Paramus, and Ridgewood. Hence, your market is not only limited to your existing followers or customers.

Aside from that, PPC marketing requires only minimal involvement with your development team since the research, campaign build-out, and conversion tracking set-up are done within the PPC advertising platform. 

2. Pay per click lets you target people who match your customer base.

Audience targeting is done by segmenting consumers using the data by demographics or interests. As many of us know, audience targeting is social media platforms’ bread and butter. To make advertisements successful, they have to reach niche audiences with the right messaging at the right time. This means that marketers have to figure out who is most likely to complete the desired action, like buying something or providing contact information for a future call back, etc.

With pay per click advertising, you can build audiences based on a variety of factors like age, interests, behaviors, or income to match the type of buyers or customers you’re looking for. You can even build audiences based on location such as targeting specific towns in New Jersey like Tenafly, Englewood, Maywood, Paramus, and Ridgewood. This way, you can base your decisions on data to get a better return on your investments.

PPC marketing makes it easier for you to reach people who aren’t part of your audience list yet and will eventually become part of it. According to Tammy Duggan-Herd, Director of Marketing at Campaign Creators, her agency saw a 744% increase in organic traffic within 12 months after applying audience targeting.

The PPC model is extremely focused. Similar to organic search, keywords can be targeted. As an advertiser, however, you will have better and more strategic ways of targeting options. You can focus your ads at several locations, keywords, and the consumers’ online interests and behaviors. PPC advertising offers much more precision than organic search and traditional forms of advertising.

3. Pay per click marketing can offer an immense return on investment.

In the world of business, the Return on Investment (ROI) is the performance metric used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. Are the investment’s gains compared to its cost favorable? This is necessary to help the business decide whether to undertake investment or not.

Pay per click marketing could be expensive and overwhelming, however, if it means you can get high returns on your investment if done right, it’s all worth it, right? 

Take this as an example, you are using a pay per click rate of $2 per click. Then, 1 out of 10 people who click on your content end up buying. Let’s say the average client or customer earns your business a $50 profit. This means that if you spend $20 for 10 clicks to earn $50, you are earning a 150% return on your investments. 

PPC advertising increases your revenue, sales, and leads. Just as long as you continue to offer great products or services, PPC advertising will likely drive conversions. According to Google reports, PPC ads can boost brand awareness by as much as 80 percent, making your clients and prospects more likely to remember your brand and interact.

Brand awareness is especially effective for local brands that are completely new to the digital marketing world. Brands around Tenafly, Englewood, Maywood, Paramus, and Ridgewood in New Jersey can take advantage of this digital marketing landscape to quickly get eyes on their business as soon as launch day.

PPC marketing and advertising also drive offline sales. If you have a physical store, your customers are likely to come into your location once they see one of your ads. Although the transaction did not happen online, their journey towards the purchase began with an online search. This trend is likely to increase as customers rely on search engines to guide them in their purchasing decisions.  

According to SocialMediaToday, over 7 million advertisers have invested a total of $10.1 billion in PPC ads just during 2017. What does this data tell us? Simple, marketers who invest in these advertisements are on the right track to reap benefits.

4. Pay per click marketing model generates fast results.

When you own a business, you need results and you need it fast. One of the best and most reliable sources for achieving long term online marketing goals are organic search results. Good thing that, as demanding as it may sound, the pay per click marketing can cater to this demand. PPC is the fastest way to start and run an advertising campaign and then immediately get results.

PPC offers a very efficient way to reach your target audience in the fastest way possible. Deploying this strategy allows you to attract online leads or prospects fast while you work on your long-term SEO marketing.

Your business will see results as quickly as within a week, for a fraction of the budget the same results would take using traditional broadcast or print media. Investing in PPC advertising can maximize your online profits easily.

One feature of PPC that is not possible with other forms of advertising is its real-time nature. You can look at your results in real-time and make adjustments to your campaign immediately if you’re not happy with them. You can’t do this when you invest in radio ads, television ads, or print media. You can’t change your ad immediately if you do not see results. Not only that, changing it will cost you again. You just have to accept and take the loss. But with PPC advertising, you can cut your losses immediately and make adjustments to gain more conversions.

5. Pay per click is a data-friendly marketing strategy.

Data is extremely important when we talk about effective eCommerce marketing campaigns. It would be easier for businesses to make high impact decisions when marketers apply data analytics. Businesses can determine what tactics work and what don’t if they have a good data set at hand.

Data analytics can help businesses uncover critical pieces of information necessary for their strategies like market trends or consumer preferences. This information can be used by business managers or owners as leverage if they want to design effective marketing campaigns and take advantage of opportunities to earn greater revenue. 

The PPC model creates tangible figures and quantifies data that can be easily understood and interpreted even by newbies. Because of this, they can find ways to improve their customer service delivery and make their operations more efficient, as an example. 

This proactive approach transforms your business as it gives your decision-makers the intelligence to come up with decisions using the knowledge and insights available, in real-time. This will also help companies respond rapidly to market changes, staying on top of critical customer preference shifts and other metrics that impact their business.

6. Pay per click advertising helps you save money and avoid overpaying for advertising.

The traditional online advertisement model is like putting up a billboard sign. You will never know how many people actually saw the ad, got interested, and visited your website; but you still have to pay for the fixed advertising costs. This means that you can end up losing thousands of dollars for nothing.  

This is why the PPC model is significantly cheaper and better. In the pay per click model, you will only be paying for the people who click on your ads. Not only that, if your advertisements fail to generate activity, but the PPC model will also prevent you from overpaying for these ads that did not work. So it is safe to say that it’s one of the only advertising models in which your spending is directly related to the results you achieve.

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is thinking that they have to spend money to get attention. The best thing about the PPC model is that it could work for small budgets. Marketing on a small budget might seem tough but there are always ways to get results. A carefully planned, highly detailed pay per click model and metrics program can generate the results the business needs without spending thousands of dollars. Managers and business owners should bear in mind that there is no direct correlation between budget and results.

7. Pay per click can help enhance your ability to create more SEO content.

PPC and SEO are closely related marketing channels.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content is any content created and used to attract search engine traffic. This means that writing and structuring quality content is crucial. It is extremely important because search engines read your website. The words and information you place on your website will determine whether your ad can rank in the results pages. 

The PPC marketing model enables you to learn the keywords that work and those that don’t. PPC helps you discover keywords that are more popular and capable enough of receiving more clicks and conversions. Hence, you will be prepared to create and structure the kind of content which will motivate action from prospects and end-users.

By using these accessible SEO content pieces, the business will increase its visibility on the internet. More visibility means more people are clicking on the ads, which in turn will increase the number of buying customers and prospects.


If you want to grow your business fast, then you need to invest in paid search marketing and take advantage of the benefits the PPC marketing model has to offer. Are you just going to miss out on leads, potential clicks, and sales? Definitely not! 

PPC has proved how crucial its impact is to eCommerce. You can attract your potential customers at the best times possible, with the help of PPC as a component in your marketing strategies. PPC comes handy for all sorts of online businesses, regardless of size. It is deemed as one of the best platforms for online advertising in this era of digital marketing. It has also evolved well and become so efficient over time, that even marketing experts and successful business owners have relied on it as one of the most solid means to successfully promote their businesses online. Your paid ads investment may just be a small dent on your bank account, but it can certainly take your business to greater heights than you could have possibly imagined.